Captain Ahab (ohcaptainurmine) wrote in bonnyeagle,
Captain Ahab

Chernesky Party

Hey there you guys,

Mrs. Chernesky is going to be down from Holton this weekend, and Ms. Gomane and a few drama students are trying to put together a little lunch get together to say good-bye. I put it in the announcements, but I figured I'd try to get the word out here as well.

The party will be a luncheon at noon on Saturday. Please come if you can, I'm sure Mrs. Chernesky would love to see us one last time. It will be in Cornish at Ms. Gomane's house, and if you need directions, just go see Mrs. Gomane, or email me and I'll get them to you. You don't have to bring anything, but if you want to make something that would be great.

Thanks ^_^

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