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Drama and Ap

Alright, so since I've decided that this thing needs to be updated, I'm going to update on a little drama stuff.

As everyone knows, our thespian sweatshirts are in, and I'm kind of hoping to get them early in the year. I'm actually kind of excited about them, because I've never really had any BE stuff to wear, and it'd be nice to wear something other than my middle school shirt to Spirit week.

On the Chernesky party, that seems to be happening within the school year. I've been in contact with Ms. Gomane and we all decided that it would be easier to get everyone together during school. I'm kind of bummed about the Peter Pan thing. Go Tim with the lighting ^_^.

Anyways, that's all for the update. I'm up for Senior year. Anyone worried about AP's?

How far is everyone on their AP project?
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